Tuesday 13 October 2020

Could there be another lockdown to halt Brompton adventures?

Well, the way the wind is blowing it seems as if there may well be another lockdown of one sort or another.

Head in to central London and things are still quiet and less hectic than usual. Some workers in the square mile are still not back at work, with the decision made weeks ago, that they will not be back in their offices until January at the very earliest.

Currently the rule of six means that groups can only ride in...groups of six. This means that there is a mad scramble to try and gain a place on a ride before you are placed on the reserve list - if at all. I have more or less given up trying for these rides and if anything have been doing my own thing. If there is another lockdown I just hope that it doesn't restrict to the 1x form of exercise.

Drop me an email or leave a comment to tell me about what it is like in your part of the world.

Stay safe out there people!!


  1. I bought my Brompton in May after realising I needed to find a way to regularly exercise after the 'C' word hit and being asked to work from home (I'm on the 'endangered species' list).

    To avoid contact I've been cycling every morning at 6am, initially there were quite a few joggers, walkers and cyclists out doing their once-a-day routines, now its down to a few regulars and the commuters.

    It'll be interesting to see if this alters peoples behavior here in Nottingham as the new restrictions (and any future restrictions) come in, especially now Autumn is with us and its colder and wetter.

  2. I have had an Orange Brompton since 2013. It spends the summer on our 13m Dutch steel motor boat. We are at present in the Netherlands. Virtually no mask wearing but today new restrictions on not wearing them in public. Today in a small town less than 5% were wearing masks. Restaurants, cafes and cannabis cafes to close from tonight but can still supply take out food. We have been here since July 29th and very unrestricted. We return on Oct 31st and then have to self isolate for 14 days. James.

  3. Good work! Any hints/tips on buying one? Gave mine to son to help him out and need to buy new one but they are impossible to buy at the mo...

    1. I think at the moment Unicorns are easier to buy. If you have a local bike shop that sells them. perhaps have a word. I would imagine a waiting list of sorts. I doubt whether this last in the long term as people will just go and buy an alternative.

  4. you can always divide people into subgroups of 6...

    in my mtb club here in sweden we normally gather all in one place and leave for the woods in different groups but since march the different speed-groups gather and start at different locations, we now have to sign up with our names on a homepage, up to 15 can attend in each group, but the legal limit has with us been 50, so we try to be a bit better, without much sacrifice really.

    so with cycling pretty much business as usual, with just a few twitches. biggest difference in society is massive work from home and massive reduction in commuting on buses and trains. numbers of cars and bicycles seem close to normal.

    the over-mortality in march-june was here about 5 percent of the normal number of deaths in a year, but since then numbers are better and actually on minus, so at the end of the year we might not have had much over-mortality. time will tell.

    still reason to be careful! and i feel people in general here are cooperative, but not afraid in an excessive way. some of the healthy 70+ people isolating more than they need are not having their best of times.


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