Thursday 29 October 2020

End of the road for the RideLondon in Surrey after 2021

It was fairly obvious to me that the RideLondon events would be cancelled this year. There has been lots going on! It has now been confirmed that Surrey will no longer host the event after 2021.

I completed the Ride46 - once on my Condor road bike and in 2019 on a Brompton. I was to do the Ride100 - on a Brompton - this year, but it wasn't to be. 

There will be lots of reasons why Surrey didn't want the event any more and it wasn't popular with residents. I can actually appreciate why with all the road closures and disruptions. You will see lots of forums in which people complain that it is only one day and they are given a years notice. I wonder what their reaction would be if a similar event was outside their front drive?!

I don't think that there will be any event of this nature in 2021 and as far as I am aware there isn't even a sponsor. The way the world is at the moment, it really is quite insignificant in the big scheme of things. 

Doing an overnight ride with my dear friend Dr John on many levels is a much more enjoyable prospect anyway!

Stay safe out there people.


  1. It's a shame for us non Londoners though! My wife and I have made the trip down from Chesterfield a couple of times for the Ride London event and had a great time despite not being in any of the organised rides. It's a good opportunity to see the sights on mostly car free roads!

  2. It is very tragic news, as I don't expect I'd ever manage to ride 100 miles so fast on a Brompton without the thousands of other riders, getting some tow, and not stopping at traffic lights, etc. I managed just under 6hrs last year with help from an UHC folding bike champion. Was really hoping to get in 5hrs 30, but need to be fitter/stronger for that. I really hope a better compromise can be found on routes that allow full distance to still happen even if it means sticking in a couple extra filthy hills. It's great sportive, amazing riding through town so fast, although, Dunwich Dynamo was most fun in many ways last year. Was great to meet you on the beach too!


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