Saturday 7 November 2020

Lockdown MKII on an Orange Brompton

Last Thursday saw the start of another national lockdown here in the UK. There are lots of arguments for and against but us mere mortals just have to get on with things I suppose. 

Early this morning I ventured out from near SW7 and for my exercise. I cycled as far as Barnes and stopped off at  Gail's Bakery on Church Road near Barns Hight Street. It is well worth a visit. Glad that I had my Borough front bag, I stocked up on some bread and a few cakes. 

It was my intention to cycle across Hammersmith Bridge but almost immediately realised that it has been closed for some time. There is talk of it taking six years to have it up and running again. Six years!

As I cycled back - it still being quite early - there was lighter traffic than normal and I could see lot and lots of people walking, cycling, jogging...their daily exercise I suppose. The strange thing was that I did not encounter any other people on Brompton bicycles which is something of a novelty nowadays. 

Stay safe out there people!!

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