Monday 9 November 2020

Cheap imports after Brexit to spoil the Brompton fun?

A couple of weeks ago a few of the British bike firms that are left, were voicing their concerns that they might not be able to compete with state-subsidised rivals from China if Brexit results in an end to import tariffs.

Bicycles from China have an over 40% tariff place on them as the large state subsidies give firms in China an advantage that isn't exactly cricket.

A Brompton is a premium product and isn't cheap. When I bought mine I could afford it. If there was ever a day when I couldn't, would I buy something cheaper that is probably inferior? Having seen a Brompton copy a few years ago, I am not sure I would be happy to cycle across Hyde Park from South Kensington to Marble Arch let alone the sort of adventures I get up to. I think I would save up for a Brompton instead.

Having only recently bought my second Brompton in August, I have no plans for another at all but I do hope that Brompton can negotiate what will be a rather sticky wicket in the coming months and years!


  1. i have the impression brompton is pursuing the path that a high price is a selling point all in itself?

    however its a dangerous tactic, because it inevitably gives older buyers, and new young customers go elsewhere. in the end customer base is lost.

    brompton could actually do with some competition:)

  2. No no, Will Butler Adams is all for Brexit.

    Isn’t he?!


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