Monday 19 October 2020

Ten years of 'My Orange Brompton.'

My relationship with Brompton goes back a great deal longer than ten years. When at University a 1989 / 1990 Brompton was gifted to me. I used it all the time and loved it. Back then I even remember chaining it to the railings in Cavendish Square and leaving it for hours. I was eventually to gift it to someone else and didn't buy another until ten years ago. I think that it is true to say that it has certainly been a positive move!

My first Brompton was orange framed with black extremities and I loved it. I cannot tell you how many adventures were made on that bike and the friendships made - that last to this day. 

The original Orange Brompton

I eventually sold it for a P-type, that was closely followed with a titanium number. 

Orange Brompton P-Type

My first Titanium that I didn't get on with!

These were also sold and I am back with two Orange Brompton bikes - one an Orange, Black Special Edition and a fairly new Titanium Orange Brompton - that I am already very fond of. 

Orange, Black Special Edition

Back with another Orange Titanium and this one I like!!

I cannot really think of me getting any more Brompton bikes for some time and think that I have reached the point where I am happy just replacing parts as and when needed, rather than sell and buy new. 

Owning a Brompton has brought me into the heart of an near-near-subcultre of fellow enthusiasts. As I have said it has been nothing but a positive experience for me. I have become fitter, made several friends, been to wonderful locations and embarked upon some adventures, the memories of which will stay with me. 

Owning a Brompton has also been a source of wellbeing. When I need to unwind a quick spin on one of my Brompton bikes generally does there trick. More recently with the 'C' word abound, it has helped to keep me sane. 

I own larger wheeled bicycles that are wonderful in their own way but cannot really compete with a Brompton (especially in Orange) in terms of the smile it puts on your face. 

Some of you out there have been with me on this journey for the full tens years and I am very grateful you have stuck around. Some of you are newer readers but I am equally grateful for your support. 

So, keep reading and spread the word.

Stay safe out there people!!


  1. Congratulations and thanks for the inspirational posts over the years!

    1. If I could ask one thing for the next 10 years, would be good if you could share some routes with little more more than a picture ;-)

      Big Love and was pleasure to meet on the beach in Dunwich last year. Hopefully again in future years!

      Oh, and the new big Borough bag is great, as you said it would be!

    2. Would you like a link to Ride GPS etc.., that you could click on?

    3. The way you describe some of the routes does make me want to have a go as well, so any linked route that can be easily imported into Komoot (as works best with the Wahoo units you have recommended, and I agree with you), would be lovely. No pressure!

  2. I so love reading about your adventures! I live in Southern California, where there are not many Brompton owners that care to ride together, so I live vicariously through your blog!

    Keep on writing about your adventures!

    Mirna -- and Blossom the Brompton!

  3. Dear orange friend

    Tonight, Mexico time, you touched me... I also have owned 6 brownies over the last 10 years. For now I only keep 2. A 6M laquer titanium and a 6PR black. But I do love all of them.

    To me a Brommie is a pet. Not a bike. Every one has a personality and a character.

    As you, dear Mr Orange, I keep other bikes. An 8 speed Moulton. A Pilen Swedish work bike. A Trek xcakiber 8 and a Waterford Gunnar touring.

    But to me, the M framed Brompton is my dearest, funniest bicycle ever.

    Thank you for the memories.



  4. Congratulations on your 10 years!
    Thank you for the blog and your friendship,
    Long may you continue to cycle!

  5. Where is your flame lacquer Brompton? Did you sell it too?


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