Wednesday 9 September 2020

Brompton secondhand prices

Getting a new Brompton from a shop at the moment is a little like pushing water up hill. Finding a super light, titanium version is like spotting a unicorn flying over the Royal Albert Hall! The prices on the secondhand market are nothing short of ridiculous at the moment. I wonder what sort of person would part with the vast amount of folding stuff for an old Brompton?!

There have been reports of a few Brompton dealers out there selling some of their stock of Brompton bikes online, perhaps cashing in on the inflated prices. If true it is of course rather naughty and Brompton probably won't like it one little bit.

The trouble is if you want a folder that can get you to work, without having to resort to public transport and you want it to be built like a tank, the Brompton is your first choice. I have seen one poor person with a lesser brand that had snapped in two at the hinge. I won't tell you what they paid for it! 

I have no advice or pearls of wisdom if you want a Brompton. If I were in the market for one, I think I would pay a little over the odds. However, there are some people that are to be blunt, taking the p@#*!!

Stay safe out there people!!

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  1. Completely agree! People are taking the absolute pee. I spent weeks patiently trawling the classifieds, flatly refusing to pay 4 figures. But there are bargains to be had - I managed to find a brand new M3L (2019) for £800 - the lady had just ridden it home from the shop and never used it again! Sadly, it wasn't Orange :(


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