Monday 7 September 2020

Think carefully when buying your second hand Brompton!

This blog post isn't about taking care with serial numbers, provenance or possible damage when buying a second hand Brompton. No. This is about what sort of Brompton you end up with on a purely superficial and flippant level.

At the weekend I got chatting to a new Brompton owner in SW7 about their new pride and joy. Now I must point out that the person in question was a lovely lady who was very enthusiastic about her new bike. She was only just over 5 feet tall and at first I thought her bicycle was one of those custom Americana-types that resemble a Harley-Davidson (low seating position and very high handlebars)!

This lady had bought an H-type and it must be said was totally wrong for her height. She actually realised this herself and said as much when I spoke to her and I suggested that she could simply fit an S-Bar which would help with this. She was however so keen to get a Brompton that anything would do. I won't tell you what she paid for it but for a 2014 model (I think it was that year) in pretty ropey condition, she was robbed!!

As she cycled past the Albert Memorial, I speculated as to how far she she would be able to cycle as things must have been very uncomfortable?  I just hope that she took my advice on the S-Bar!

Stay safe out there people!!

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  1. my impression is some ladies quite fancy a hoplessly high handlebar position. they hav relatively short arms, and dont ever reach the speed where aerodynamiv resistance becomes evident.

    she could also fit lower bars on the existing stem.


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