Wednesday 8 August 2012

Thoughts of Brompton World Championships halts night feast!

I know what you are thinking. He started the day with porridge. Well I can report that I did nothing of the sort. I started the day with 'Special K Red Berries.' So there.

The addition of the red berries was a good one in terms of flavour but they did not make me feel fuller. As I ate the bowl that sat in front of me, I gazed at the blurb informing me that if in addition to consuming 'Special K Red Berries' at breakfast, I also ate it for luncheon, I would drop a dress size in two weeks. This, I am sure you will be happy to read, would be a bridge too far. I love the Brompton World Championships, but not that much.

As I sat scraping my bowl to pick up the last nourishment therein, my thoughts turned to the early hours of this very morning. I was woken from my slumber by the growls of my own stomach. I ventured downstairs to the fridge of the holiday collage we are currently residing in to get a drink. As I may have already reported, inside the the fridge sat a family sized bar of Cadburys Dairy Milk, which had now been opened.

Upon opening the fridge I was greeted with the full on smell of chocolate. Perhaps the removal of all things chocolate for the last three days has heightened my sense of smell for this cruelest of foods. My hand moved towards it and was then withdrawn. I went for the bottled water instead. When I put the bottle back I hesitated and took a lungful of chocolate smell and displaced the air with a hand drawn from the chocolate to my nose. What the hell have I become?

On a happier note, from afar I have booked in both my Brompton bikes in for a full service early next week. I want them at optimum performance for the World Championships.

My outfit is all there apart from one finished touch, if I can get it. The more I think about the BWC the more it dominates my thoughts. What will be particularly good this year is that I will get to meet fellow members of the London Brompton Club. This in itself would be worth going for. In the meantime, if I survive the night and the next few days I hope the cravings will start to diminish.


  1. 'As I ate the bowel that sat in front of me' - 'bowel'? now that is dedication!

    Keep up the good work!
    See you in a fortnight - if there's anything left of you by then!

  2. Be strong, oh noble Brompton competitor! Vanquish the chocolate!

    (I must say that this lead-up to BWC is quite amusing. I shall be very disappointed if the event is not live-streamed, and I'm unable to follow your -- and Brompton B's -- progress on the day.)

  3. Thank you Geoff for spotting this. Due to typing on a iPad and mild delirium caused by the subject of these last few blog entries.


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