Monday 27 August 2012

Cycle events on a Brompton

With the Brompton World Championships behind me for another year, my thoughts have turned to what do do next? One event that isn't until next year that I really want to do is the 'Nightrider.' This was an event I wanted to do this year but for one reason or another I wasn't able to.

The Nightrider is quite an interesting idea. It is a 100km ride that takes place in London at night. You can start at either Alexandra Palace - North London or Crystal Palace - South London. The route takes in over 50 of London's most famous landmarks. Luckily there is a break every 20km (assuming you want one).

It is a charity ride and there are a few options. You can pay £39 to register but MUST then raise £200 for your chosen charity. The other option is to pay £99 up front with no obligation to raise any more money for charity but to try and raise as much as you can. As I have done a bit of charity riding this year, I would probably go for the latter option and just pay the £99. I feel you can only ask people for sponsor money so many times.

The event will take place 8th - 9th June 2013 and registration for places will start this October. It isn't a race but you do get a medal at the end. (I'm sure regular readers will know just how much I like medals)!

The route is quite heavily marshalled and you even get sent the route for GPS devices. Riders start at 23:00 and go off in waves of 100 riders every five minutes or so, from their chosen start point. Roughly 4,500 people will take partIt certainly sounds like quite an experience and the route is fairly tame. If I can get other Brompton friends to join in it would be even better but if I have to go alone I think I will.

Along with some other cycling events I have my eye on, it will give me the motivation to keep the training up in addition to my daily commute. I have just come back from a training run. The sky looked dark and threatened a downpour at any moment. It managed to stay off for the 30ish minutes I was out. Just as I was folding my beloved Orange Brompton to go inside, the heavens opened!  The details of my training:

Time - 30:02 minutes

Distance - 7.85 miles

Average Speed - 15.68 mph

Maximum Speed - 27.66 mph

Calories - 508

Ascent - 403.5 feet

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  1. Great idea, I would like to join you on this and ofcourse any other cycling events we come across. Will start hitting up my friends and work mates for donations soon.


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