Saturday 18 August 2012

The wait for the Brompton World Championships is almost over!

Well, the waiting is over. The Brompton World Championships is almost upon us. Like many I have written and talked about this for ages and it is now less than 24 hours until possibly THE cycling event of the year takes place.

Yesterday I went for a final training run with my partner in crime iCrazyBee. We went to Hyde Park in London and did a few circuits. I took with my a little, Garmin Edge 200 which I bought second hand from a work colleague. It is pretty good and the statistics and charts from Garmin Connect are quite amazing. Expect a mini review when the BWC is over.

All of this week I have gone out on little training runs just to keep things ticking over. It is my intention to continue this as much as I can as a post BWC legacy. I honestly do not know if I am any fitter than last year or whether I will post a better time? The Marathon, 26.2 miles takes place before the BWC and I do want to complete it but I will ride at a fairly sedate pace.

I plan to take my GoPro with me and will try and finally get some footage on here or have a link to somewhere that has it. I have three options with regards where to place the GoPro:

1 On top of the helmet.

2 On the handlebars.

3 On top of the main frame near the Brompton logo.

Having testing all three positions, I think that it is going to be option 3, despite the fact you get a view of the handlebar stem. For me it provides the best view.

My outfit is all ready and waiting and waiting it will as I have no intention of putting it one until after the Marathon. This way it won't get too dirty from the exertions of 26.2 miles in what should be a very hot day!

So, there really is nothing left to do but get the final bits and pieces together and try and get a descent nights sleep. I get up very early tomorrow and it should be a great day.


  1. Hope it goes well for you, Good Luck!

  2. I joined the Brompton Owners Club!
    Blogpost here.


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