Thursday 9 August 2012

The countdown to the Brompton World Championships starts

This morning I headed back to London from our holiday at a rural retreat in the heart of the English countryside for a meeting only to return back to our rural retreat 90 minutes later. On the return run I received an email from Brompton that caused much excitement.

The email is of course the big one participants receive just before the big event to tell them about the procedures and timings of the various events. Nothing concentrates the mind more than this. Brompton really are slick and well organised and it was great to get this. In the email I was given my race number and told about some of the do's and don'ts.

After my meeting in London I took my Orange Brompton in for a mini service and it will be ready in the middle of next week. My beloved Brompton
has done quite a few miles since it was in last. It needs some brake pads on the rear, derailer tweaking and brake cables tightened. Once I get it back I will give it a major clean, oil the important bits and not ride it until the big day. Tyres will be pumped to the correct pressure on the day itself.

I plan to go on a training run this Sunday with my partner in crime iBumbeBee and thereafter I will go on a fairly gentle set of rides every day, just to keep things ticking over. Last year I do think that I went out far too quickly on the first lap. This meant that the second was hard! This year my first lap will be at a fairly even pace - if I can - and then get progressively faster for the second. I only hope that I don't suffer my chain coming off this time.

I made one final purchase today for the last item in my BWC outfit. I hope that it arrives in time?! What people will make of this, heaven only knows? It is certainly bright and you will certainly see me coming!!

With regards my healthy eating, so far so good. I have not suffered too much from cravings or a need for sweets/chocolate and I hope that this continues.

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  1. see us both coming Mr.O

    It's HERE


    shhhh top secret ;)
    "The sleeper shall awaken.....!"


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