Monday 27 August 2012

Just joined the 'London Cycling Campaign.'

Mrs Orange Brompton has just bought me membership to the London Cycling Campaign! I am rather pleased about this to say the least.

The London Cycling Campaign organised the 'Big Ride' that I went on in April. I have posted a link to that blog entry so you can read what it was about.

The Big Ride - London Cycling Campaign

Mrs Orange Brompton had thought about joining British Cycling, also very good as it had free mapping for members and was slightly cheaper. But the London Cycling Campaign had the edge.

Firstly it is London based and so are we and I did think that the Big Ride was a great idea. Other benefits include:

  • Solid campaigns on behalf of all cyclists in London.
  • Free third-party insurance.
  • Free legal helpline.
  • Free public liability insurance.
  • Up to 15% off at 120 London bike shops - that I might actually use.
  • Free London Cyclist Magazine.
  • Information about free rises all over Greater London.
All in all it is a pretty good deal as far as I am concerned. I would be very interested to hear from my overseas readers whether you have anything similar in your country / city.

The London Cycling Campaign Website can be found at:

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