Sunday 22 July 2012

Titanium Brompton

Just before we reach 2013 or shortly thereafter I am seriously toying with the idea of acquiring a titanium Brompton. There I have come out and said it.

It will be Orange of course! I am also pretty certain that it would be an M-type. As for gearing I am tempted by the simplicity of 2 x gears but the three speed would be more useful. There is a huge premium for having a titanium version and and I wonder if the saving of roughly 1kg is worth this premium? I have always wanted a titanium version and with the changes hinted at when I went on the Factory Ride, it might be time to upgrade.

No of this is certain but I would like to hear from other Brompton owner of titanium versions to say what they think about their bikes.


  1. My first, and still favorite, Brompton is an S2LX. My most recent addition is an M6R (with SON-hub, Brooks saddle and telescopic seatpost, so all the "heavy" options) to be used mainly for touring. So I have experience of both ends of Bromptons production weight wise. I have found that while I can carry the S2LX for quite long distances without much trouble the M6R is a beast. After have using the M6R for a few days the S2LX feels almost weightless. Oh, by the way, my S2LX is orange and the M6R raw lacquer!
    Unfortunately I can't go to the BWC this year, attended both 2010 and 2011. Also took part in the 2010 factory ride which was a blast. Even more fun than the BWC! So out of curiosity, what changes did you hear about?

  2. Hello, many thanks for leaving a comment. The factory ride was great. If you read Part 2 there are some details of new things for 2013.

  3. I made the 'weight change' a couple of years ago. A very hot afternoon cycling around SE1 and using the tube convinced my the investment was worthwhile. I previously rode a T3 with M bars that I had bought a few years previously. (so effectively a M3L in todays speak).

    Strangely the new beast is also orange, having written to Brompton in about 2003 and asked why no other colours such as orange? So I felt obliged when ordering!

    So then came the mods. New carbon fibre chainset, definately the best upgrade compared to the flimsy Stronglight/Brompton one, new bars, clipless pedals (can still be ridden in ordinary shoes)
    And a
    Ti seatpost, as Brompton regrettably have abandoned this,

  4. I have a P6x in black and a S6 in lacquer . The P6 seems to retain road dirt whereas the S6 in all steel does not . Is it the colour , the lacquer , or both that retain the dirt does anyone know? I ask As I have a M6x on order with the titanium options ... I still have time to change the order.


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