Wednesday 25 July 2012


Many have asked why is orange such a significant colour for me? The simple answer is I am not really sure?

I have an orange iPhone bumper guard. Orange pen (and sometimes orange ink). I have an orange pair of sunglasses. I like MCC as its tie colours are yellow and orange. I have an orange waterproof jacket. I frequently wear orange socks. My BWC outfit will heavily feature orange and of course I have an orange Brompton bicycle.

That is quite a lot of orange for anyone to be getting on with. I did like orange before getting and orange Brompton but when I decided on buying one for the second time (my first was one of the first Brompton bikes, bought for me in 1990) I didn't have any difficult choices. It had to be orange!

Do any of you out there have a similar colour fixation or is it just yours truly?

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