Saturday 21 July 2012


The Brompton World Championships is looming and my training will be starting tomorrow. I say tomorrow and not today as I have a BBQ to go to this afternoon and I am sure that the food on offer will be particularly good.

My training (if you can call it that) will consist of a 20 minute cycle in the early morning at a fairly brisk pace and the same in the evening. My evening ride will get progressively longer until I am cycling for good 40 minutes by the week before the BWC.

I have been talking quite a lot about the BWC to others who are also taking part and the question came up, what would we all talk about when it is over? As far as I am concerned the answer is pretty simple. It will be training and getting ready for the 2013 BWC!

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  1. Hell yeah, the thing is a whole year is a LONG time to wait :(


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