Wednesday 25 July 2012

Hummvee Short - the perfect short for Brompton riding?

It has taken me ages to find the perfect pair of cycling shorts. Like Jason searching for the Golden Fleece it has not been an easy task. But, I think I have found them.

They are the Hummvee Short by Endura. These are an excellent pair of shorts that don't look like a pair of cycling shorts. They look quite urban and can be worn quite happily out in the field when not cycling. (This is always a good thing).

They are made from a durable nylon ripstop fabric that offers a water repellent finish. Perhaps the best feature for me are the pockets. There are loads and they all seem to be in just the right places. The two front pockets have zips and two, large rear pockets can be used for all manner of items but are labelled as map pockets on the blurb. (I tend to use them to carry a camera when cycling and they are excellent for this purpose).

The inner legs, seat and back have stretchy material, this making things even more comfortable. An elasticised waist and adjustable belt, adds to the general comfort. There are even zipped side vents should you require ventilation.

Also included is a liner pair of padded shorts. These click into place in a very quick and clever way. The liner shorts are great as they hide the facet that these are a pair of cycling shorts after all.

I have black and a newly acquired olive. There is camouflage and indigo should black or olive not to be to your taste.

In short they are brilliant and I will wearing a pair at the Brompton World Championships. If you are looking for a great pair of cycling shorts, then these just might be perfect for you too?


  1. Great buy! These are very nice in cooler weather. I don't use the the padded stuff, but the shell is awesome.

    One word of caution. The pocket without the zipper, down by your knee, on the left side, the side can not hold things very securely. My pocket knife has dropped out of that pocket, even though it has a clip on it.

    I have had mine for 4+ years and they are quite nice.

    Have fun!

    Peace :)

  2. In the USA, I've found stealth shorts at EMS, also with padding, which I appreciate, as my rides tend to be longer ones. The flexibility of some spandex makes the ride better, but without the spandex "racer" curse. Saves me from some glares in the grocery, too.


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