Sunday 15 July 2012

Brompton Chapter at the Ace Cafe

In the early hours of this morning I woke briefly after having a very strange dream. I will do my best to explain.

My dream consisted of the London Chapter of Brompton riders congregating at the Ace Cafe in northwest London. I have never been to the Ace Cafe but it was a location in the past frequented by bikers, Hells Angels, Mods and Rockers. Now it is mainly weekend bikers.

We all assembled in large numbers and parked our Brompton bikes along side Harley's and Japanese/Italian super bikes. We then went inside to partake in the rather good fish and chips I believe it is also famous for.

Just imagine if this became a reality. The look on bikers faces would almost make this worth doing!


  1. I like the idea of this would be great to get some pics of big hairy bikes looking at our bikes with envy ;)

  2. AS bikers too and who have been to the 'Ace' many times they would welcome us in open arms as we all share a passion for life on 'two wheels'.....and yes the food is awesome... You have sewn a seed as this could be a great meeting place or location to finish a ride. There is a travelodge next door where members of the LBC 'Midlands Section' and others who live 'out of town' could consider staying over if need's be. They hold functions and live music too that could be attended if folks felt the need for a LBC social - Alan & Jill (didn't know what profile to select!)

  3. Indeed. How strange that a dream shared has induced so many people to say that it would be a good idea. Watch this space. When all us Bromptonians have nothing to talk about after the Brompton World Championships, this might be a good little sojourn.


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