Wednesday 4 July 2012

7 Brompton Bikes!

I thought that I was a little excessive with 2 Brompton bikes but image 7! Today after work I met up with an old friend I had not seen since my university days and heard that 7 Brompton bikes was a necessity.

My friend has :

M3L X in black
S2L X in yellow
S2L X in racing green
S2L X in red
S1L X in white
S1L X in apple green
S1L X in blue

They are all titanium with Brooks saddles and telescopic seat posts. It is quite a collection and the oldest is four years old. I would not have believed it but did see plenty of photographic evidence via pictures on his phones and laptop.

He commutes from Bucks every day and favours the single speed. I had a go on one of these and although the weight saving is quite dramatic I don't think I'd like only having one gear. Hills would be tricky to say the least.

There doesn't seem to be any particular pattern to which bike is used on what day but he did say that he never uses the same bike two days in a row.

In case you are wondering how he affords 7 bikes the answer isn't what you'd expect. He gave up owning a car altogether about three years ago and has build up this substantial collection as a result.

I can't say that I would be that brave but with the growing costs of running even the most economical of cars, I suspect at some point many will be priced out. Maybe then there will be a bigger take up for more sustainable means of transport?


  1. You are absolutely right: "I suspect at some point many will be priced out". It is too bad that it has to come to that before people think of alternate modes of transportation.

    7 Bromptons, eh? Wow! But, they are cheaper than a car, all 7 together.

    Paz :)

  2. One slight amendment. Two of the bikes belong to his his wife however she rarely uses them.

    1. Sometimes, that's a nice trick to use. Buying the partner a couple of bikes. Just kidding :)


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