Wednesday 31 August 2022

Would you leave your Brompton locked up?

One of the great thing about all things Brompton ownership is the fact you can fold it up and take it with you to most places. I don't know about you, but I do not own any locks. I was in a location at the yesterday, that will remain nameless, at which I saw a truly shocking example of locking up ones prized folding friend. 

Now, to be fair, the owner of this Brompton had good reason to be fairly confident that their bike would still be there when they got back. There are broadcast quality camera everywhere, a gated entry/exit and security guards patrolling. Despite this, the photo above does betray a shocking level of locking up. In the wrong location, this would have been pilfered in a matter of seconds. The worrying thing to consider is whether this owner would lock it up like this elsewhere?!

Would you leave your Brompton locked up and unattended? Do let me know.

Until next time, stay safe out there people!

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