Wednesday 17 August 2022

Number plates and insurance for cyclists?

Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps has said that cyclists should be insured carry licence plates on their bikes and be subject to the same speed limits as motorists. Later on he said that he is not attracted to the bureaucracy of number plates for cyclists. Confused? Of course these are mere proposals but they have sent the cycling community into a frenzy. 

I don't run red lights, I do stick to the highway code and I do not exceed any speed limits. In fact everyone I cycle with (that's a great deal of people over the years) are the same. There are of course exceptions. 

I very much doubt whether this will go anywhere, at least I hope that it won't. Would we be the first country to do such a thing? It also sounds a little big brother to me as well. What's next, registration for pedestrians, horse riders, joggers, mums with prams, people on mobility scooters? 

Perhaps, while Grant Shapps is still Transport Secretary, he could tackle the 1x million uninsured drivers out there in the UK?

Stay safe out there people!

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  1. What utter rubbish from Shapps he's a history of making unfounded and ridiculous comments not addressing real issues. Unthought through unenforceable


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