Friday 19 August 2022

James Completes the Transcontinental Race!!

Well at some point last night, James completed the Transcontinental Race on hbis Brompton! This really is epic and puts James in the legendary category. I do suspect however,  knowing him, the next time I am pedaling beside him he will be incredibly modest about it. 

I think that James is the first person to complete the TCR on a Brompton but there have been a few who have tired in the past but didn't get there due technical issues. Roger Seaton had a go and it was only the bad luck of mechanicals that prevented him from finishing. Saying that James had a crack in his ear triangle but managed to get it sorted out. 

Again, a truly incredible achievement and well done to James. He needs to have some time to recover and take it all in but I imagine these memories will last a lifetime. I wonder if he will ever do the 'Trans Am Bike Race?'

Tomorrow I will be cycling along the Grand Union Canal, crossing the River Thames from north to south and traversing the wilds of Hyde Park. Not quite the TCR#8 but in honour of James I will post a photo of the most exotic ice lolly I can find!

Until next time, stay safe out there people!!

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