Friday 12 August 2022

Only in London on a Brompton

It has been rather hot of late and as I type this entry peering out of the window in my study, the sky is a rather lovely pale blue, there isn't a cloud in sight and it will be another lovely day. The heat can of course make people do the strangest of things!

This morning in NW8 a rather well dressed gentleman in his early 60s I'd day, wearing a polo shirt, tailored shorts and a garish, solid gold swiss wristwatch was making a bit of a fuss. This was up the road from Gail's Bakery I had just been to. The gentleman in question was well dressed apart from one thing, a lack of shoes. As I cycled along, and I must confess to slowing down, I heard him screaming to a younger gentleman with him that his feet were burning?!

I did wonder how someone's feet could be on fire on Hall Road not far from where it joins Sutherland Avenue and began to speculate. Had someone actually set his feet on fire? Was this the start of spontaneous human combustion? From what I gather, he was just too hot and the combination of absence of shoes and bare feet on the pavement, which I presume he felt was hot, caused him to shout out and let the world know. (Or NW8 and W9 know more specifically)!

This was all amusing enough but the younger gentleman was instructed to pour water from the bottle he was carrying over the older gentlemans feet! Now I didn't think that he would oblige to this request but he did. It did not however make things that better as older gentleman shouted out that they were still on fire. 

I cycled past but had to get off my Brompton for obvious reasons and wheel it up the road until I regained my composure - which didn't last long. My only wish is that I had of been brave enough to film what I had witnessed. I have every confidence that placed on the right form of social media, I could have derived a small but regular stream of income. Only in London!

Until next time, stay safe out there people. 

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