Friday 26 August 2022

How good is the Brompton Toolkit in use?

A Brompton Toolkit has lived inside the toptube of all of my Brompton bicycles when I have been out and about. It has sat inside the top tube quite happily for years going for the ride, silently waiting. Luckily I think that I have only used it once to deal with a puncture - I have been very fortunate. I did however put it to use earlier in the week when a friend I was riding with had a visitation from the puncture fairy.

My friend was on one of his three CHPT3 bikes.  The rear tyre of his CHPT3 let out a loud wheeze and it was obvious within moments that his tyre was flat.  Asking whether he had any tools (I already knew the answer) he confirmed that he didn't. I too was travelling quite light but did have my Brompton Toolkit and a spare inner tube. I also had my new Brompton pump . 

Using the toolkit, the rear wheel was off quickly and so was his Schwalbe One tyre. Could only see a little tear in the tyre that perhaps betrayed a small piece of flint or glass. A new tube was put in, tyre mounted and wheel back on. The new Brompton high pressure pump was used for the first time ever and I have to report, it's good. Really good. The Brompton Toolkit does exactly what it is meant to do very well. 

The Brompton Toolkit does seem to be hard to find at the moment. Unsure as to whether it has been discontinued or just not around for the moment. Mine will happily reside in whatever Brompton I care to take out - just in case. 

Speaking to a fellow Bromptonian when visiting Condor Cycles recently, who knew that I was that Orange chap rather quickly, he was telling me about a different version of the Toolkit that Condor is selling, It is certainly a little bit of bling. The unfortunate thing is that normally stowed away, few will get to see it...unless you or a friend as a puncture!

Until next time, stay safe out there people!!


  1. Unfortunately my old bike doesn't allow the toolkit into the tube as it's too short so I have a small Brompton pouch under the saddle for it instead. I also have a Tyreglider too but have yet to have a puncture lol.

    1. Glad that the puncture fairies have not visited you!


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