Thursday 22 July 2021

Tinie Tempah - 'Pass Out' on a Brompton

Many people ask if the British really do talk about the weather. The simple answer is yes. It is universal conversation starter for just about everyone. Recently, London has experienced a heat wave and another feature of great summer weather, is that in London it brings people out on foot, in cars, motorbikes and in my case, an Orange Brompton. 

I had been near Dulwich College and was making my way back towards SW7 and passed through the outskirts of Brixton. In the distance I could hear music playing, that was loud. As I got closer I saw a silver 'G Wagon' that seemed to be all speakers in the back being filmed. (I later discovered that there were in fact no seats in the rear at all and they were taken up by speakers). What followed was astonishing. 

I joined a small crowd who stood watching the car from about 50-60 metres away. A couple of security guards very politely requested us not to take photos or video. I obliged and in many ways glad that I did. Without warning, the particularly fine 2010 Tinie Tempah - 'Pass Out' track was played. The volume was unbelievable. After the small electronic snare drum intro, the base kicked in. It was so deep and powerful the mudguards on my Brompton rattled and its depth went through me and the ground I stood on vibrated. People around started to sing along and scream to it but so great was the volume, it was as if their volume had been turned down to zero.

After about 30 seconds it all stopped, only to start up and again startling me and pretty much everyone else around. This happened a few more times and as I pedalled off towards Hyde Park I could still hear it. I was told that it was footage being shot for a YouTuber. I have searched possibilities but drawn a blank. If anyone lives, works or was in the area leave a comment. Equally so, if you know who it was or if you heard it too. Believe me you could not miss it!!

Naturally, all the way home and the next day I was humming this song in my head. Stay safe out there people!!

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