Monday 5 July 2021

Brompton bag material wish list

I have quite a few Brompton bags. The front carrier block is such a clever idea that fixing bags of various size and colours is easy. There is one thing I wish Brompton would do that I suspect will only ever be a wish list of mine. 

Brompton front bags are made out of all types of material but the one I wish they would make a bad out of is some of the old London Underground seat patterns. In many ways these are as iconic as the Brompton is.

My personal favourite is the district line. I think this would look rather special and really do wish that Brompton or a selected partner come up with something. It it were available I would be first in the queue to buy one. 

The District Line pattern

Of course there are several more tube lines to choose from with all sort of different colours. I think that they would sell rather well, if they weren't silly money. What do you think? 

Stay safe out there people!!

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  1. That's actually a very good idea. They could make a saddle out of the moquette too. And perhaps have a Brompton coloured Routemaster Red!


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