Friday 23 July 2021

Happy travels Dunwich Dynamo riders

Saturday will see many embark on the Dunwich Dynamo. This is an organic nocturnal ride from its start in Hackney Fields to Dunwich beach, some 112ish mile away. 

The last time I did the DD was 2019. I was going to do it in 2020 but you all know what happened to spoil my fun. 

Despite the fact many fellow Bromptonians will be doing this ride, I won’t. The difficulty of getting back from Dunwich in the absence of coaches back (which I am never that fond of anyway) make it a non-starter for me. 

So, anyone doing it this year I wish you a happy and safe adventure. Despite the weather forecast of some rain, it will be warm and skin is waterproof. I remember getting soaked on one DD I rode on but I soon dried out. You’ll have a great time, so enjoy.

Stay safe out there people  

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  1. Was good to meet you on the beach in 2019. Alas, while I had planned on doing it, either there and back, or perhaps over to Cambridge for a train afterwards, I'm currently waiting for spare parts for Brompton and road bike, and didn't want to risk it on either of them. Didn't seem a bad night for it either. I probably need another N+1 so that there's more chance of having properly distance ready bike that's good to go for next time ;-)


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