Wednesday 28 July 2021

Brilliant Bikes, 100 mile service for the Cloud Blue

Today I drove to 'Brilliant Bikes' in Chobham, Surrey so that my Cloud Blue could have its initial service/check over after completing its 100 miles. 

The 100 miles didn't really take me a long time to reach and two rides was all that was required to pass this milestone. 

Having the 100-mile check up is always a good thing to do after getting a new Brompton. I think that the spokes, crank axle bolts and pedals are checked as well as the cables. The spokes in particular definitely needed a look at as one was loose on the Brighton overnight run. 

At the same time I decided to take my Orange Titanium with me as I had noticed a little side to side play in the rear wheel. It was probably nothing but best to get looked at by the Brompton Jedi Master that is Mike. 

If you are in the UK and have not heard of Brilliant Bikes I would be surprised. They started off as a mail order company selling Brompton parts and spares. I cannot think how many of these I have bought from them over the years. Like their name, they truly are Brilliant and I shop their exclusively for various Brompton parts. Many of my Brompton friends do so too. 

They opened up bricks and mortar shop several years ago where they sell Brompton bikes and other bikes too. Go to the shop and you might be lucky enough to see Mike there.

They now have a YouTube channel fronted my Hannah - who also has an Orange Brompton. Their channel is informative and entertaining and occasionally there are outtakes at the end which are wonderful. 


  1. I cannot argue that Brilliant Bikes are, in my experience just that, Brilliant with all the bells and whistles… :)


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