Thursday 29 July 2021

Are you a Brompton Ambassador - definitely not!

There are many of you out there who - despite me saying a few times before on this blog - think I work for Brompton. I don't.

I have received a few emails to ask one would go about becoming a Brompton Ambassador and get a Cloud Blue Brompton, in the same way did. I am very sorry to disappoint, but all my Brompton bikes (including the Cloud Blue) were purchased by your truly. In fact I do not know what a Brompton Ambassador is, whether they have them and if they do how they are recruited?

Despite my blog (which is an online diary/journal of my adventures) getting a very healthy number of daily, weekly, monthly...views I would imagine a Brompton Ambassador to be younger than me and command a much higher online presence.

The truth is I just write away about whatever takes my fancy. In the 10+ years of writing this blog, Brompton have not invited me to any of their events, launches, provided me with any freebies or anything to test out or review.  I haven't expected them to. I am sure that to Brompton, I am nobody.

So, to confirm once and for all, I do not work for Brompton, I am not paid to be a Brompton fanboy and I am not a Brompton Ambassador!  

Stay safe out there people!!


  1. I don’t care about this question, im simply enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for all your efforts!

  2. I agree with Mike's comment, in fact I've been following your blog for years and never thought of you as anything but a pure enthusiast.

    "....... to Brompton, I am nobody" Great line!

    1. Thank you! I think Is should start using that line!!


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