Sunday 4 July 2021

Shout out to James H doing the, 'Pan Celtic Race' on a Brompton!!

Today was the start of the Pan Celtic Race. This a self-supported, ultra-endurance cycling adventure, starting in Cornwall, ending in Llandudno in Wales some 1,240 miles away. There are hills and mountains with 27,507m of elevation for the entire route. Fellow Bromptonian James H - and veteran of several of these types of rides - is doing it on his Brompton!

These types of events are almost exclusively completed on big wheels but James is crazy eccentric enough to do it on his trusty modified Raw Lacquer M6R Superlight. 

The link below takes you to his website where you can find out more about him and the race. It is a great read and you can also find out all about his other exploits on the other events he had participated in. You might also consider sponsoring him. He is raising money for London's Air Ambulance charity.

One feature of the race is that all participants are tracked and you can dot watch to see their progress. The screenshot below shows the progress near the start of the race and just look at those hills that feature more or less straight away!

From time to time Brompton run features on the owners of Brompton bicycles. No disrespect to any of the people featured but I know several Brompton riders who would have lots and lots to tell about their Brompton bicycle that would be of great interest to even the causal Brompton user of prospective buyer. James is certainly one of them. Perhaps Brompton will run a feature?

I will be following James to see how he gets on and hopefully he will be able to present his adventures somewhere when he has finished. 

Stay safe out there people!

Link to James H page about the race.

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