Wednesday 7 July 2021

A new Cloud Blue Brompton to join the fleet!

A few weeks ago I managed to place an order for a new Brompton in the quite wonderful and new 'Cloud Blue.' On Tuesday the box appeared and my new Brompton had arrived.

Ever since the 'Cloud Blue' was announced I have admired it from afar. Seeing one in the flesh was even better. It has a strange quality when photographed. Outside the colour is a subtle pastel blue-grey. Inside or in lower light it, it appears darker. 

Okay the Specs:
  • M6L
  • 44T chainring 
  • Extended seat post 
  • Came with a Brooks Cambium but replaced with a Brooks C17 Cambium Carved
  • Standard M-type bars replaced with a rider bar (but still might just go back to the original)
  • Came with Schwalbe Marathon Racers but replaced with Continental Contact Urban tyres
  • Brompton inner tubes replaced with Schwalbe AV4s
  • Rear reflector replaced with Bush and Muller 2C rechargeable light/reflector
  • Front carrier block - which I think now comes as standard
  • Standard grips replaced with Brooks Cambium grips (but to be perfectly honest the standard Brompton grips are better and going back on again)

Different colour, same moniker 

I was toying with the idea of putting on the spare hub dynamo wheel I have and front/rear dynamo lights however taking the bike for a couple of mini runs, I just like it as is. The option is of course there should I change my mind. 

So why buy it? As always the moon and stars did seem to align to make this all happen and I went with the flow. The colour is quite a big draw for me and in short I love it. I have had a few Brompton bikes that weren't orange and they have all gone.  This one is different. The colour Orange has a rather special meaning to me and for reasons I won't go in to. This shade of blue has a rather similar sentimental attachment. I will say no more than that. 

Going off soon as I don't like them

I am looking forward to getting to know this bike well and suspect it will have to appear centre stage on one of two night rides. Watch this space. Until then, stay safe out there people!!

My nod to all things Orange!


  1. Well that came ..... out of the blue.

  2. That's a nice addition Mr O. Did you get it direct from Brompton as I notice you got one with the 44T which is usually specified as an option?

  3. Van Damme Nathalie15 July 2021 at 20:43

    I just got my orange Brompton last week. I went in for the red one but when I saw they had an orange in stock I got that as it is more noticeable. �� Been riding it this week along the Belgian coast.

    1. Enjoy your new Brompton. It was fate that you ended up with an Orange one. Let mw know how you get on with it.

    2. Van Damme Nathalie19 July 2021 at 23:16

      Oh it has been great. It rides just as an ordinary bike. I've had a folding bike before but that was more flimsy.and I've had quite a few turning heads as well when I pass by. ��

  4. Hi Mr OB . The M6L has a sportier look with the Joseph Kuosac mid-risers on . How much lower are the JK bars compared to the original M Bars that were fitted ?

    1. I have never really measured them - suppose I should have. They are a lower ride than the standard M-type but only a little. Much higher than than an S-type taking it (for me at least) to a more comfortable riding position.

  5. Hi,great colour. I have a B75(modded a bit now) as I didn't think I would get on with a Brompton but now want a 6 speed one as well. Where did you get the bespoke frame sticker from with your name on? I like that idea. Cheers.

    1. The frame stickers were a gift from a reader in Japan.


  6. Hi Mr.O,
    I am about to buy a grip for my brompton.
    You wrote an article in May 2021 about New Brooks Ergonomic Rubber Grips, and I was wondering why you were not using it with this new bike.
    Aren't they comfortable enough? What are your experiences after a longer period of use?
    Thanks for your help.

    1. Hello,

      They were fine but just preferred something else in the end.

    2. And what did you end up preferring the most (or using the most often)? Is an ergonomic shape important according to you?

    3. I ended up using non ergonomic that were just plain black.


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