Thursday 25 July 2019

Hiplok Z Lok Combo for my Brompton

When I was at the excellent 'Look Mum No Hands' this morning in addition to tucking in to their Eggs Benedict I saw that they sold the Hiplok Z Lok Combo. I had been after one of these for ages but hadn't got round to it so before I left I bought one.

I like ultra lightweight locks and Hiplok seem to be the ones I like the best. CLICK HERE for my review of the other lock I have from Hiplok.

The great thing about a Brompton is that you fold and take it with you. For me personally I would never lock it up somewhere and leave it. As such I have not felt the need to invest in one of those gold standard type locks - that tend to weigh a huge amount!

The sort of thing I use a lock for is to secure my Brompton to a luggage rack on a train - still with me sitting less than a metre away and watching it all the time - if I am enjoying a cup to tea or coffee at somewhere or for attaching things to bike in some way. This lock is a little like a cable tie and I can see lots of practical uses for it in this capacity.

The Hiplok Z Combo is not a lock that is going to win any awards for being able to stop someone walking away with your bike, but it isn't meant to be. It does have a steel core, 3 digit combination (so you don't have to carry a key), has a locking length of 430mm and weighs next to nothing at 80g.

I can see this lock coming in very handy and for its intended purpose it is very good. If you leave your Brompton locked up somewhere (I wonder why you would though) don't buy this! If like me you want to use it as a cafe lock or strong cable tie, it is quite excellent. Shop around and you can get these for anything between £15 - £20.

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