Tuesday 23 July 2019

Back again to thoughts on the Brompton World Championships

For me you can forget all that cycling stuff that is going on in France at the moment. The premier cycling event - for me at least - is the Brompton World Championships. It is a wonderful event, however it does - for some - seem to be a chance for an annual whinge.

It is around this time of year I start to get the odd email (to my shame I don't look at them half as often as I should) bemoaning the following which is in no particular order:

  1. The Blenheim event was better 
  2. The Goodwood event was better
  3. Both Blenheim and Goodwood were more family-type events
  4. Both Blenheim and Goodwood allowed more people to enter
  5. I've tried for the last few years and haven't got in
  6. The London race is not for the average Brompton user
  7. Brompton only care about selling bikes
  8. Too many people from abroad are allowed to enter
  9. Too many Brompton staff are allowed to participate in the event and these spaces should go to the ballot
  10. It will not be full capacity and I could have entered if there was a better way of managing this.

I have no intention of addressing each and every one of these, as I have written about this before. However, I will comment on a few.

Always makes me laugh as when it was announced that Blenheim was being ditched in favour of Goodwood, loads of people moaned about that!

So have I and several of my friends! I think the last one I took part in was 2015. 

Mrs Orange and the Orangettes would say that I am an average Brompton user but that did not stop me from dreaming of winning. Who doesn't want to go a little faster than usual on a closed road circuit that is the Brompton World Championships?!

This always induces incredulity! What are Brompton meant to do? They make bikes. They sell bikes and hope to turn a profit and keep going. On the whole they look after their customers but I really do wonder what people expect?


It must take a great deal of work to put on an event like this and still make and sell bikes. If I worked for Brompton and was told I couldn't enter, I wouldn't be pleased. Anyway it isn't as if half the field consist of Brompton staff.

There is always going to be people who pay and say they are coming and don't.

If you got in and are racing, well done, best of luck. You'll love it!! (Makes sure you practice the unfold).  If you didn't get it and are living in the past thinking it was better, it might be time to move on. The Brompton World Championships is once a year you have 364 other days to enjoy your Brompton. I didn't get in either but I know that at some point in August I will be up at stupid o'clock to have a go on the Brompton World Championship course. 

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