Saturday 13 July 2019

Hiplok FLX bike lock for my Brompton

One of the many reasons people buy a Brompton is the fact you can fold it and take it with you. As such you often do not need the heavy and expensive locks that makes claims about how resistant they are to withstanding the the most determined thief. So, why am I writing a review of a bike lock I hear you say?!

My feet are firmly in the camp that say that if I am out on my Brompton and refused entry in a shop or establishment with my folded Brompton, I turn around and look elsewhere. This in itself is quite interesting. Recently (on rainy Sunday morning with no one about) I tried to enter a small supermarket outlet on Oxford Street to buy a bottle of water and was refused entry. Moments later I walked into a high-end pen shop on Bond Street to collect a fountain pen that was being serviced and they could not have been more accommodating.

What I am saying is that I don't really use or need a huge lock. My Brompton always comes with me and when I do leave it a few metres away from me, I keep a close eye on it, being ready to strike with the ferocity and speed of a coiled cobra should anyone get too close!!

Occasionally I do take a lock and for a few years I have been using a HIPLOK FLX. This is a very compact lock with a light and all integrated into a clip that can fasten to bags, coats, belts and jersey pockets. At 100 grams you almost forget it is there.

The lock has a light that pumps out 10 lumens and has a constant and flashing mode. The flashing mode lasts for hour and hours.

It is a combination lock, so no keys are needed. The retractable steel cable extends up to 1 metre and affords basic protection for low-risk areas. The cable is also coasted in a plastic cover so it won't scratch the paintwork.

I have used this lock on trains where my Brompton is sitting on a luggage rack and at times where I just want some peace of mind. It definitely isn't a lock that you could use to leave your beloved Brompton unattended but as a cafe lock it is very good.

The retail price of the HIPLOK FLX is £49.99 which I think is too much. Shopping around I paid £19.99 which for me was a price that works. This lock normally stays inside my saddle bag or is clipped to a pocket and complements the smaller is better vibe of the Brompton.

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  1. I'm using the Safeman for these occasions (as an alternative for my Abus Bordo).


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