Sunday 30 June 2013

My favourite blog - Fit With Fegrig

There are lots of blogs that I follow and of an evening before retiring to bed I often catch up on them to see what is going on. Many are Brompton related, some are to do with Ricoh camera, photography and some Star Wars. I really like David Lindo's urban birding blog but they are not the one I like the best.

My favourite above all other is by a writer called Fegrig. This blog is an eclectic mix and it always provides interesting and entertaining reading. The subject matter varies from recounts of walks with the dogs to travel to his training and participating in running events.

The only downside is that like all of us bloggers Fegrig probably doesn't have the time to write more. Still, he has a large back catalogue for you to browse through and you may well like me find that you like it greatly.

You can find his blog at the link below.

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