Wednesday 26 June 2013

Mid Week Training Run on a Brompton

With a major training run to Whitstable in less than three weeks time...which in turn is in prep for the 120 mile Dunwich Dynamo...which is in turn major prep for the Brompton World Championships a little over a month away, I decided to get out on my Brompton and go for a mid week training run.

As I reported yesterday I am beginning to reach the point where I cannot praise the Kojak tyres enough. Really enjoying them. As for the clipped in pedals I have used them almost every day since they arrived and when funds allow I am going to get another set for my Original Orange Brompton. I am afraid the days of standard Brompton pedals are coming to an end.

Yesterday I had intended to stay out for 30 minutes but ended up falling short of that target mainly due to getting the timing wrong. Today I used the timer function on my iPhone and got my 30 minutes.

I was glad that I was able to maintain an average speed of over 16.5 for the entire 30 minutes. I hope to build up to something nearer to 17 mph in the future on this particular route.

My route has one large hill to negotiate which I now relish. When I first got my Brompton I have to admit that this hill was a struggle and I certainly didn't find it easy. It is the opposite now. I still cannot fathom why I like hills so much? Perhaps it is the challenge? I do love ascending a steep hill where there is the opportunity of overtaking an unsuspecting road or mountain bike.

For the moment the mudguards and the front carrier block are still on but for how much longer I am not sure?

My statistics for my training run are as follows:

Time: 30:17.74

Distance: 8.42 miles

Average Speed: 16.68 mph

Maximum speed: 27.66 mph

Calories: 673

Ascent: 227 metres

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