Sunday 5 May 2019

Review of my new Flame Lacquer Brompton

If you have been following me on Instagram you will perhaps already know that I have purchased a brand spanking new Brompton. This one is in a fairly new colour - Flame Lacquer. Spoiler alert, I love it!

As you know I have a fondness for all things orange, maybe obsessed but the Flame Lacquer to me is still within the colour spectrum of orange. Okay it is a bit coppery-orange. Whatever colour you might call it, the Flame Lacquer is stunning.

The brazing can be seen and the colour almost changes in certain lights. Sometimes it looks darker, while in slightly different lighting it appears lighter.

My new bicycle had there following specifications:

  • M Type handlebar 
  • Gear - 6 speed
  • Gear ratio reduced to -12% (44T chainring) 
  • Mudguards
  • Extended seat post
  • Schwalbe Marathon tyres
  • SP SV8 hub dynamo with Busch & Muller front light and Spanniga Solo LED rear light
  • Front carrier block

The front SP SV8 hub dynamo is small and lightweight and the only option currently available from Brompton. This is not actually a bad thing. I like it. It rolls well and I have no plans to replace with with something more expensive from the likes of SON.

The front light by Busch & Muller doesn't have the power of my Edelux II that I have fitted to my other Orange Brompton however having used the light at night a couple of time and adjusting the height of the beam hitting the road to my tastes, I have to report that it is actually very good indeed. I particularly like the side illumination and the fact the this light has a built in reflector. The light has a on and off switch and stand light function. For night rides I always pair my dynamo powered light with a meaty front light so this light is staying and I have no plans to replace it.

It is a similar story with the Spanniga Solo LED rear light. This is bright with good visibility and has the added bonus of a good build in reflector. Again, no plans to change it as it works well for me.

The Brompton saddle the bike came with was never put on the bike and a Brooks B17 Titanium was. This saddle works rather well with the bike and the copper rivets complement the frame colour well.

The original Brompton grips (which are actually quite good compared with the older foam ones that were on their bikes a few years ago) were taken off and replaced with a pair of Brooks leather GP1 grips with copper ends. Again they complement the overall colour scheme of the bike itself.

The only other thing I changed were the inner tubes which now serve as spared on trips and adventures. I replaced them with some Schwalbe AV4 tubes which I prefer.

With the bikes I also bought myself a Mini O bag in a black-reflective finish. I am a fan of these bags and it's my intention to use the front bag most of the time rather than have a saddlebag fitted. Incidentally, the reflective elements on the front of the bag are good in low light when light shines on it.

I took my new bike for its first outing yesterday on the Tweed Run which I enjoyed a great deal. This morning, up early I look it for a spin from SW7 to the O2. I enjoyed every minute. This year has so far been a Brompton dominated one. My two road bikes have gathered a little layer of dust. This is probably set to continue.

The road bikes have more gears, better brakes, travel faster and cover miles a great deal easier but they are missing something I can only get from my Brompton bikes. My head is telling me that for lots of the nocturnal rides to the coast or the Audax events I have entered, I should be taking one of my road bikes. My heart however is telling me that I would be missing a sense of fun. For me at least that feeling can be found in one of my two Brompton bicycles.


  1. Looks lovely...wish you many happy pedalling miles on the Flame!

  2. I’ve just ordered the superlight version. Where did you get your grips and how does the leather hold up? I commute wearing gloves.

  3. Its a totally stunning colour in my opinion and had I the patience I might have gone for that colour too. Im happy with Gordon the graphite though.Its still a Brompton

  4. Awesome review - I ordered mine these days. Where can I find those copper ends for the brooks Grips?

    1. You will have a hard time finding them I think. I am actually going to sell these grips. Drop me a line if interested.


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