Monday 27 May 2019

Brompton ride with an old friend

Today is a Bank Holiday here in the UK which means that if you are out and about early enough you pretty much have central London to yourself. I knew that I could slot in a couple of hours of cycling, so I invited my Partner in Crime Andrew. Luckily he could make it so we arranged to meet at the London Eye at 08:00.

A missed tube train resulted in me being fashionably late by about ten minutes. Once at the Eye the ever welcome sight of my Partner in Crime came into view.

We set off and chatted away about all sorts. My riding partner seemed happy and was more bak to himself that our last ride out which is a great thing. We also fell into the usual routine of trying to find an iconic landmark, place our Brompton bicycles in front of said landmark and then take lots of photographs of our Brompton bikes where the subject (our Brompton bike) takes on much more importance that the iconic landmark!

At one point in the ride I spotted a couple of little, white, fluffy and fancy dogs - you know the type. One of them regarded me with great suspicion - they say dogs sense fear. As I cycled past, it bared its little teeth at me. As its owner shouted out 'Belle' to beckon it back to her side, it occurred to me that you could give little Belle any name you like. 'Belle' would I wager quite happily sink her copious little teeth into the fleshy part of my leg!

Just before Greenwich we spotted a cruise ship. It wasn't one of the ones the size of a battleship but it was rather strange to see it moored where it was.

We walked the bikes through the foot tunnel at Greenwich and headed onwards towards the O2. It was our intention to cross the river Thames using the Emirates Skyline to get a a snack at a cafe near the Thames Flood Barrier. We chanced upon the Emirates Cafe / Shop and decided to get a suitable snack there.

With our snack eaten we made our way to North Greenwich station not too far away. Andrew was to get off at Green Park and I a few stops later.

It was great to see my riding partner out and about again and I am sure that it won't be too long until we do it all over again.

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  1. as i read about the dog i was thinking next comes a give name also of the bike:)

    so glad to see you are fully enjoying your brommies again!


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