Saturday 31 January 2015

10 Reasons why I hate Brompton Bicycles - Not

#1 The Brompton fold is too efficient 

I hate the way the Brompton folds. It is just too efficient. When it takes me less than 10 seconds - on a bad day -  to fold or unfold my Brompton it just makes the owners of other folding bikes feel bad. There they are struggling not only to fold and unfold but they then have to carry their unwieldily contraption, which I liken to a screaming, uncooperative toddler having a full on temper tantrum. I don't want them to feel bad or inadequate but they surely must do?!

#2 The ultimate form of personal transport

I really hate the way that the Brompton can be taken anywhere and on any form of transport. One minute you're cycling along and it starts to rain. You have the choice to keep pedalling or:

  • Get a bus
  • Get a train
  • Get the tube
  • Put it in the boot of a friends car
  • Get a taxi
  • Fold, take indoors and enjoy a coffee and wait for it to stop
The list goes on and on. I don't want to have so many choices, so many options at my disposal. 

#3 The Brompton World Championships

I hate the fact that once a year you can enter the Brompton World Championships, exclusively for Brompton users. Having competed in this event for a number of years it is just too much fun. I hate this! I also hate the way that I actually find myself looking forward to it every year. I really hate the way that I have come to regard it as the greatest sporting/cycling event...ever! 

#4 The way the Brompton makes me feel

I really hate the way owning a Brompton makes me feel happy. I find that I enjoy my commute to work. I find that cycling on my Brompton on the way home from a hard day at work not only puts a smile on my face, it allows me to unwind. I particularly hate the way that these feelings force me to take the long way home. 

#5 Owning a Brompton has made me healthier

I hate the way owning a Brompton and cycling more has made me fitter, lose some weight and generally try to lead a healthier lifestyle. 

#6 Not just for commuting

I hate it that the Brompton isn't just for commuting. It can be used for racing, touring and going on all manner of adventures. I hate it that my Brompton bicycles have been efficient, comfortable and capable enough to take part in:

100+ mile Dunwich Dynamo
100+ mile Mitie Revolution
100+ mile St Crispin's Day Ride
London to Brighton
London to Whitstable 
London to Southend
London to Oxford
London to Cambridge

#7 Choices

I hate the way that when you buy a Brompton you have several choices. You can go to any reputable bicycle shop and buy a Brompton there and then or you can order a bespoke Brompton to your exacting specifications and wants. The level of choice is astonishing. You can choose different colours, tyres, handlebar type, gearing, gear ratio, saddle, saddle height, lighting, luggage options and even the firmness of suspension. How many other companies offer this level of personalisation and choice?

#8 Friends

I hate the way that owning a Brompton has allowed to me to meet lots of other Brompton owners. I really hate the way that some of these people have become good friends and that we actually enjoy each others company. I particularly hate that way I am pleased to see some of these people when going on an adventure somewhere!

#9 Improvements to the Brompton

I hate it that Brompton constantly tries to improve an already brilliant design. This means periodically there are changes to various components making them better. Brompton, caring about their customers usually ensure that any changes can be retrofitted to ones existing Brompton. The owner then has the choice of upgrading to the newer part if he/she wants to. A good example of this was the new brake levers. I hate knowing that the Brompton I buy now can be kept up to date 

#10 Brompton as a company

I hate the way that Brompton is a company that genuinely cares passionately about its customers and its products. Its attention to detail and customer care is second to none. They make bicycles in the UK, are a major exporter of bicycles, employer and champion engineering and innovation. It organises events for owners whether this be factory rides or urban challenges. Of course it organises the annual Brompton World Championships in several countries in addition to all of this.  What other company does this much for people who buy its products? They are just too good a company.

Well, I am sure you have guessed that I don't hate Brompton Bicycles and readers of this blog will already know that the opposite is true. They are quite simply the best. There are other folding bicycles out there but for me they cannot compete with a Brompton. I have in reality provided 10x reasons to buy a Brompton over other bicycles and although I cannot guarantee you will have the same experience or that all 10 will apply...I suspect many would! Happy cycling.

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  1. All are great reasons to like a Brompton, Mr. O.
    A good compilation, I say!
    Have a Beautiful Day!!
    Peace :)


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