Tuesday 27 January 2015

One Green Bottle for the Discerning Brompton Owner

I have been looking for a new water bottle for a possible future Brompton project for some time. Most cycling water bottles are the plastic type and I wanted something that more classically styled and elegant. It dawned on me that I had seen something like this before and a message to a fellow Bromptonian confirmed that it was indeed exactly what i was looking for.

Onegreenbottle are a great little company that produce drinking bottles made out of stainless steel. In using steel as the material they are able to produce a bottle that is easy to clean, toxin free, non leaching, odour and taste free, recycleable and able to withstand continued usage.

The packaging is excellent and contains lots of information about why they employ stainless steel.

Onegreenbottle produce several different types of bottle in terms of design and the amount they can hold. I opted for a 500ml stainless steel nude .

The bottle is elegant, understated and robust. One can imagine it withstanding quite a bit of action.

The great thing about buying one of these bottles is that you can buy lots of different types of caps for various looks and functions. I decided to get the steel and bamboo cap and I have to say it looks pretty fine.

This particular cap simply unscrews and is functional and totally leakproof. There are seven other cap options. The steel and bamboo cap was the most expensive option at £2.50 but many of the others are £1.00 - £1.50 and some no cost at all.

When purchasing online you can choose to buy an additional cap as a spare. Onegreebottle are honest enough to point out that caps will not last as long as the actual bottle.

This particular bottle cost £12.50 including the £2.50 for the steel and bamboo cap. They are brilliant little bottles and have looks and functionality. Occasionally when using the generic plastic cycling bottles I get that plastic taste that I really dislike. This bottle doesn't and will not suffer from this problem.

I have posted a link to the Onegreenbottle website should you want to check them out for yourself. They even do one in orange so you never know that might appear on one of my Orange Brompton bikes at some point.



  1. Much better than the plastic version, I agree, Mr. O!

    Have a Beautiful Day!
    Peace :)

  2. Have you worked out how to fit a bottle carrier to you brompton. Or do you just tuck it in your bag?

    1. Hello Jane. Yes. Search my blog name and Monkii Cage and you'll see the answer/solution.

  3. Thanks for the recommendation. My raspberry bottle arrived today in its smart packaging, super looking and light, it fits easily into my Brommie bag and looks great.


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