Thursday 22 January 2015

A quiet Tower of London Visit

On Monday I found myself with a spare hour to kill in the City of London as I had arrived at a meeting earlier than anticipated. Initially I didn't know what I would do to while the time away but it soon dawned on me that I had our family yearly pass to the Royal Palaces and with the Tower of London being less than 100m away I decided to head inside.

It was a a pretty good day to go. The usual time I have been with my family have been the weekends or school holidays and both have seen the Tower of London being unbelievably busy. Not so Monday.  I was able to walk around at my leisure with hardly anyone else getting in the way.

The walk around the curtain wall was great and I actually did two complete circuits as I was enjoying the freedom to roam uninhibited.

It was a bitterly cold morning and even though I had several layers on I could still feel the cold. As a result I tried to spend some of my time at the Tower to warm up.

As I took photos I glanced over at Tower Bridge and other landmarks and could not help but think of my many Brompton adventures near these iconic buildings. I have passed them on Christmas all night rides. Zoomed past not long after midnight on my way to the coast.

Even though the sun started to shine through the cloud towards the end of my quick visit, it remained very, very cold. How those poor soldiers manage to stand to attention so stoically I do not know.

Normally, when we have visited the Tower the tour of the Crown Jewels can involve a wait of well over an hour. Not today. I was able to obtain brilliant views and when coming out (partly induced by the cold) I headed straight back in for a second viewing.

The Tower of London is one of those locations where it is hard to appreciate just how long it has existed and how must important history has taken place. There seems to be subtle improvements upon each return visit and the coffee and selection of cakes in the restaurant was one of the improvements I can endorse with some enthusiasm.

If you are looking to visit the Tower of London I would advise you to try a weekday and you might just be treated to an altogether enhanced experience!

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