Sunday 18 January 2015

Brompfication Titanium Seat Post

Brompfication make some wonderful things as far as Brompton spare parts go. On my Titanium Orange Brompton I already have a set of titanium hinge clamps and I have been toying with the idea of getting one of their titanium seat posts for some time. Thankfully, Santa was rather kind and one arrived just in time all the way from the Far East.

If you are into packaging, Brompfication do a superb job. It is simple, understated and functional. Picking up the box I could already tell that as far as weight was concerned, its contents were considerably lighter than my current steel seat post.

Opening the box the titanium seat post was revealed in all its glory. Brompfication is etched into the titanium on two sides.

The Brompfication titanium seat post does away with the need for the pentaclip and employs its own cradle. All the parts for this are also in titanium. Assembly is very easy and once set up the seat can be easily adjusted for the perfect fit. 

Even these parts are made from grade 5 titanium

The cradle works extremely well and adjustments are very easily made. Once tightened the seat is held firmly in place and is pretty rock solid.

There are lots of copies of this very design but I am glad to see that the Brompfication version has a flared base, meaning you won't run to the danger of pulling the entire post out when lifting. Incidentally, the Brompton rubber bung fits perfectly and can be used if you wish.

Being quite tall I needed the slightly longer 580mm version. Comparing the Brompfication seat post to my old steel one without the cradle, they were a close match. With the cradle installed there seems to be a little more height than the extended Brompton post - even with the pentaclip at its highest position.

The weight between the two posts is very noticeable and there is a considerable weight saving. However, I have to say that this is not the main reason I'd buy one. I went for quite a long ride on my Titanium Orange Brompton - still with Kojaks and no mudguards - and for me the ride felt very different. The seat on this Brompton has titanium rails but the addition of the titanium seat post helped to dampen the vibrations, knocks and bumps of riding on the road. Titanium does have these properties and the Brompfication seat post certainly aids this.

There are cheaper copies titanium seat posts out there but I personally would not entertain the idea of buying one for several reasons.

Firstly, Brompfication is run by a chap called, Peter a person passionate about quality and customer care. It is good to know that if there was a problem I would have a warranty and could do something about it fairly easily.

Secondly the seat post is obviously manufactured to a very high standard. It oozes quality this gives one a sense of confidence.

Next you will save brought 185g when compared to the standard steel post. As I wrote earlier, there really is a noticable weight difference.

Finally, the added comfort this seat post brings - which I have to say surprised me - might not be something I could find in cheaper and lesser made ones.

My Titanium Orange Brompton looked good before this post went on but to my eyes at least it looks a great deal better than the standard steel one and complements the titanium parts on the bike.

You can buy this seat post in the UK at a few good bike shops for around £155 or direct from Brompfication for €158. I have posted a link to their website below. For me at least it is worth every penny and I know that when Spring and Summer finally arrive here in the UK (and my Titanium Orange Brompton is allowed out) I am going to love it.

I know that Brompfication make a titanium S bar and if the ride comfort it brings is anything like this seat post I may well be getting one of those too at some point in the future. What this space!

Link to the Brompfication site


  1. I've used a number of Peter's parts and completely agree with everything you say - the build quality is incredible.

    I think that you have installed it incorrectly though, the hole closest to the top of the tube should be at the rear, this keeps the clamp bar parallel to the saddle rails. Check out the photos on Peter's flickr site for some photos of the assembled clamp. I've found that modern saddles with longer rails work best with the clamp, classic sales such as my B17 don't leave much room for fore / aft adjustment.

    1. You are quite right about my installation. Peter saw my post too and politely informed me a few days after it appeared.

  2. Just got the extended one myself and agree it is a quality piece of work. I just got my Brompton delivered to me barely three weeks ago and only discovered Brompification shortsly thereafter. When I learned Peter was closing up shop I decided to get as much as I can while still available. I also got the hinge clamps (love them) and am about to order the seat-pillar clamp and rear frame hinge.

    Thanks for your post! It helped a lot with the install, considering there are no instructions!

    Ty Smith
    San Francisco Bay Area.

  3. Hi,
    Sadly I am just above the published recommended weight limit for this post so
    may I politely enquire about your thoughts on this factor?

    It is lighter than the sadly discontinued Brompton seat post and I have heard stories about people buying even lighter versions only to have them buckle whilst in use leading to catastrophic injuries and damage.

    Thanks for your opinion.


    1. Hello David. Yes I've heard that too. I suppose it all comes down to how much over and how bravo you feel? They have weight limits for a reason though. Bromptoification is sadly no more but you can get some of the good stuff they sold from retailers that still have some in stock.

  4. Hi. I appreciate this post is almost three years old, but I also share your love of Orange Bromptons...where did you find the grips?

    1. Hello. Thank you for leaving a comment. Got them from a company in Holland that used to supply them but sadly they have long gone. Don't think anyone does them anymore.

  5. Hi! I got the brompfication seat post two days ago, but I do not know how to install the rubber plug on the bottom. I do not know how to remove it from the original steel seat post and reinstall it on the new titanium seat post. Any suggestions?
    Kindest regards, Andreas

    1. Pretty sure that if memory serves me the rubber bung won't fit - it isn't meant to have one either.

  6. just received the seat post. I am happy with it however something worth mentioning is that the seat post being so light, sliding it when folding and unfolding is far less smooth than it was with the original one which I regret.
    otherwise it is great, I appreciate the saddle attach allows for saddles with larger carbon rails too unlike the pentaclip (which required overpriced chinese adapters).


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