Thursday 29 January 2015

Combating Helmet Hair!

Some time ago I wrote a blog post on the horrors of helmet hair (CLICK HERE) In this post I described gruesome business of innocently enjoying oneself on a Brompton cycle ride, only to discover a terrible sight that at the very least might induce small children to either cry or point and laugh!

To combat this my only solution apart from cutting my hair in such a short style - which might cause old ladies to cross the road upon seeing me - I decided to conceal it with the aid of a cycling cap.

These come in all sorts of designs and colours. Walz, an American company make some brilliant caps and the fact they are sensible enough to produce one in black with an orange stripe was enough to make me purchase one.

This little cap is rather lovely and very well made. It weighs next to nothing and its construction allows for ample breathing. It can be worn on its own or under a cycling helmet.

It is my intention to carry this cap about my person and use whenever there is a prolonged stop such as luncheon. I am one of those who now feels unable to cycle anywhere or any distance without a cycle helmet so you would not see me cycling and wearing it.

In addition to the Walz hat (which I have to say is my favourite) just before Christmas I bought a Rapha cap in white with a black stripe. This cap is equally as well made but made of cotton.

At around Christmas Rapha well these cap in various colours for the unlike Rapha price of £5. The money goes to a nominated charity which is a really good thing. Sadly is you search eBay - which is where Rapha sell these caps - you will even now be able to purchase one of these caps for around £20. I am not suggesting for one minute that sellers have bought several caps for £5 and re-selling them for a great deal more...certainly not! I will leave it to you dear reader to draw your own informed conclusions.

Helmet hair is a problem and needs to be stamped out. I have recently suffered a particularly bad bout of this unwanted byproduct of cycling and I can only hope that the use of these caps will allow me to walk among my fellow Bromptonians and not worry about having hair that resembles a newly ploughed field!


  1. I find having a reliable hair gel, both at home and at work, helps a bit. The other trick that works for me is to place the back of the helmet on the head first and then lower it to the temple. Somehow, this does not crush and make a big matted mess of my hair. I do not keep very short hair. Hope you find a good solution for your 'problem', Mr. O!

    Have a Beautiful Day!
    Peace :)

  2. These kind of appear in all kinds of patterns along with hues. Walz, the National firm create a number of excellent truck caps plus the simple fact these are wise ample to generate one particular throughout dark-colored through an red stripe ended up being ample to generate us invest in one particular.


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