Friday 26 July 2013

Tomorrow The Brompton World Championships Starts!

The Brompton World Championships starts tomorrow and having a rush of blood to the head when registering for the Queen of all cycling events (as I did last year) I will be taking part in the Brompton Treble. 

As I did some last minute shopping I thought to myself, these people don't know that tomorrow I will be participating in a international sporting event and that I am therefore a world class athlete? My wife and daughters soon brought me down to earth with a bang with words like ridiculous when I attempted to explain my 'international' sporting status and whether it would be appropriate to wear a Union Jack on my T-shirt?

I didn't need to do too much to my Titanium Orange Brompton and will definitely take it with me tomorrow regardless of the weather. So far I have read four different weather forecasts all with different assertions about what tomorrow's weather will be like. (The weather is a particularly British preoccupation by the way. Talking about the weather and commenting about it is not only an ice breaker for all social situations it transcends all social backgrounds). 

I am looking forward to tomorrow greatly. The two events taking place tomorrow, Sprint and Eliminator  will be over relatively quickly and I hope that I put in a good performance. It will serve another purpose namely to familiarise myself with the Goodwood circuit. This might provide some assistance for the Brompton World Championships on Sunday. 

In true Terry Thomas sprit I was debating brining lard cakes, donuts, cream cakes etc.., and offering them to faster members of Brompton staff, who will also be participating. Of course I won't do this as I try where possible to live by Queensbury rules. 

Well, it is time to head off to bed and try and get to sleep. Even though I have an early start I know it will be as if I am a 9 year old boy on Christmas Eve! The Brompton World Championships starts tomorrow and this could be my year!?

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