Wednesday 31 July 2013

Brompton Rehab!

The Brompton World Championships for 2013 is now over. This had been an event many have been looking forward to a great deal. Of course, now we have experienced the high of heated competition many are now experiencing the tale tell signs of a low...a lull...a desire to capture that high again. 

As I type this blog entry not even a week has passed since the Brompton World Championships and yet many Bromptonians are already planning...plotting even what they will and will not do for 2014! Some are going to try to make their bikes lighter (I've been there)! Others are contemplating a training schedule so arduous professional riders might wince. Many are on diets to get rid of a few excess pounds and there are a select few who will tinker with their gearing, chain rings and sprockets to gain the perceived improvement in performance. 

I could not possibly comment where I lie in the above but I will say I think I am having mild withdrawal symptoms from being out on my Brompton. Of course the cure is easy. I simply need to get out and ride. There is something quite magical about riding with several Brompton riders in a peloton. At the Brompton World Championships this was easy - a necessity perhaps. I am lucky in that I have several rides already in the pipeline where there will be several Bromptonians only too happy to ride in a line, hugging each others rear wheels riding in a blur as bystanders watch in amazement.  

You will have to keep reading my blog to see what changes manifest with regards my Titanium Orange Brompton but I can report I have more than a few plans. The Brompton World Championships 2013 may well be over but thoughts turn to 2014. I am going to have to double my efforts so that I am ready. 

Cycling is addictive. There is something about it that just gets into your blood and takes hold. Add a Brompton into the mix and things get magnified further, distilled into something more concentrated and unique. Am I suffering from withdrawal symptoms? Yes, I probably am but I am not alone and I wonder how many of you out there feel the same?

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  1. I'm certainly looking forward to riding with other Bromptonites at the Prudential FreeRide on Saturday.



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