Friday 12 July 2013

Getting Ready for Tomorrow - London to Whitstable 79+ miles on a Brompton!

Well there is little in the way of going back now. Tomorrow is going to be a very demanding ride! I will be up very, very early in order to meet the truly hardcore just before 07:00 in central London for a highly demanding 29 miles.

Five miles in to the ride the small group will encounter its first hill. At the ten mile point there will be a lung busting 700 metre climb that will all but last the next 10 miles! It will not be easy!!

The plan is to meet the larger group (some of which has chosen the easier option out of necessity rather than fear of hills - although some are) at the 30 mile point in Otford at around 10:30ish. This is can be done but it will be hard going. 

I will be taking my Titanium Orange Brompton which I have been tinkering with the past few weeks. I hope that all the additions will collectively assist me in my desire to shed unnecessary weight. In addition to this I intend to travel light in terms of the kit I take with me. I will be travelling as minimalist as possible and everything I deem not required will not be taken.

Another factor tomorrow will be the heat. It is set to be a very hot day - perhaps not when we set off but certainly when from Otford onwards. Sun cream and water will be very important. 

As I type this I feel a nervous apprehension about tomorrow. I am excited about the challenge but tomorrow will be the first of many rides in the coming weeks that will test me to the limit. 

It will have to be an early night for me as I will have to rise at 05:15 at the latest. Before I go to bed I will do a few last checks of my Titanium Orange Brompton, oil the chain and do any last minute packing.

Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day and although I cannot say I am looking forward to it, I suspect overcoming the first 29 or so miles will be quite a relief. I just won't think about the 50 miles I have after that!!


  1. Good luck and ride safe, I' m surenyou'll have a wonderful time, :)

  2. Good luck on that monster Brompton ride in the London "heat"! I mock only because we are having a cool few days here in Palm Springs, CA at only 102 degrees or so. During the summer my brother and I escape the desert and ride our M6Rs (Raw Lacquer for me Orange(!)/Black for him) on weekends at the LA coast. We did ride around the golf course I live on for a bit last weekend in 110+ heat, certainly not for the timid! Regardless of temp, that is quite a ride you are undertaking. Best wishes for your endeavor and thanks for the awesome Brompton blogging!


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