Thursday 11 July 2013

The Prep for BWC Continues

One of the great things about owning the new 2013 Brompton was the updated chainset. The new version allows you to unbolt the chainring and replace it for another. For example if you were heading off to tackle the mountains you could bolt on a 44T. If you wanted speed you could not on a 54T. The unfortunate thing at the moment at least is that Brompton are unable to off these chainrings for sale.

Asking a few people with a great deal more knowledge than me I was pointed in the direction of the Stronglight 54T chainring. 

Getting this reminded me of my old two speed Raw Lacquer S-Type. The chainring looks big and well made. I am told that it will simply be a case of bolting on. I hope that this is the case. 

If all goes to plan I intend to use this in conjunction with my Titanium Orange Brompton which as regular readers will know I have been tweaking with. The 54T will provide a slightly increased top speed and many say a very useful middle selection of gears. The Goodwood racing circuit will be fairly flat with long straights. It will be quick and the extra bite the 54T will be a welcome addition. 

Anything that provides even the slightest advantage to me and my Brompton at the Brompton World Championships can only be a good thing as believe me I am gong to need it. 

My favourite cycling event bar none is not far away now and I hope that the next couple of weekends of pretty hardcore cycling will transfer into a respectable time at the big one. 

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  1. Don't forget that you will have to put on a longer chain.



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