Sunday 20 May 2012

New tyres for my Orange Brompton

The tyres on my Orange Brompton have been looking a little ropey of late. This is perhaps due to a harsh British winter and a few long rides with the Small Wheels Big Difference chaps.

I ordered a pair of Schwalbe Marathons. The tyres I have on my Orange Brompton are also Marathons but these ones are the new 16 x 1.35 that can be pumped to 110 psi. They also have a much thinner profile. I have these on my S2L and have liked them a great deal.

I also ordered some new Schwalbe inner tubes. After the puncture yesterday I was painfully aware that I go out all over the place on my beloved Brompton Bikes but never carry any spares.

I am buying them from 'Brilliant Bikes' and they are THE best Brompton parts/spares anywhere. If you ever need anything to replace on your Brompton check them out. Prices, delivery and service is top drawer.

My legs are sore today. Right knee aching and left calf tender. When walking today I must have been quite a sight as I minced around London - this time without a Brompton until I recover!

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  1. Hope the recovery doesn't take too long! Thanks again for coming on Saturday and see you at BWC2012, if not before!


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