Monday 7 May 2012

Ladies at the Tweed Run

As I said on other posts I loved the Tweed Run. There were many highlights - the atmosphere of lots of very different people from diverse backgrounds. The route through the busy streets of London past hundreds of amazed tourists and onlookers. The buzz of cycling through London where for a few hours wherever we went the cyclist was King and Queen. It was a great day but for me the ladies who attended stole the show with their outfits.

Whoever you are ladies in the pictures below I thought you all looked elegant but I did have a few favourites.

In the first picture the two ladies in the centre could have come out of a time machine from a bygone era. This is especially true of the lady with the black hair.

I should have really converted this to black and white

My other favourite was the lady in the picture below who seemed to have a beaming smile all day.

I think this poor lady thought one pic was enough

This poor lady couldn't move for people taking her photograph!


  1. A great set of photos. I have seen about 20 different blogs about the Tweed Run but yours is the only one dedicated especially to the ladies, good idea! I am surprised to see nobody commented yet, but I shared your blog to the Facebook page of the Tweed Run over a week ago, so I think a lot of people will have viewed it from there.

    1. Many thanks for the comment. It was lovely to see a cycling event not dominated by men. Hope to do it next year with Mrs Orange Brompton and my two daughters.


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