Wednesday 9 May 2012

Grumpy in a car, happy cycling on a Brompton

Have you ever noticed cycling to or from work how grumpy and miserable people look in their cars? I haven't really noticed this until recently but I do think that there is something in it.

There have been several studies that indicate cycling is therapeutic and offers the rider a chance to unwind  from the daily toil in a way driving in a car doesn't. Perhaps it it just me? I do find that I look forward to getting my Brompton unfolded and riding on it. It has been known for me to abandon public transport part way and cycle, even though it will mean a longer journey.

In addition to this is the fact that a very high proportion of the cyclists I encounter to and from my daily commute give a little nod as they go on their journey. This has never taken place when I have been driving a car.

What do you out there think?

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  1. Yup I have noticed that when I ride to kinda sets me up for the day and when riding home. I do some serious unwinding and don't bring whatever bad/crazy things have happened at work with me home.

    I to look forward to my ride home from work cause as soon as I bring out Bumble B everyone in my work place has a smile and they see us both rolling off down the road.


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