Friday 11 May 2012

Brompton World Championship outfit

With the BWC in my thoughts my attention has been drawn to what I will wear.

The rules stipulate that participants must wear a suit jacket, shirt and tie. Shorts can be worn but anything too sport or lycrafied is a big no. In addition riders must wear a helmet.

I have quite few suits and various blazers. The blazers seem the way to go as one in particular is striped and brightly coloured to say the least. However, it is made from wool which will probably be too hot. I therefore plan to go down the linen route which will be lightweight if nothing else.

I have also been advised to get a short sleeved shirt, tuck the tie into said shirt and use safety pins to keep the jacket from flying around. Some have also advised wearing jogging trainers as they are usually lightweight.

It might be worthwhile stating that I will be lucky to go round in 30 minutes let alone be under that time and some of the advice above is quite ridiculous for someone like myself who is there (for all three events) for a bit of fun and the taking part however you possibly know what It coming. The helpful tips listed above are tips that I will embrace. I have calculated conservatively that if I do all of this I will shave at least 30 seconds off my time! Now, should I also borrow one of those time trial aero helmets?

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  1. hmmmm I best start looking for my jacket as well, I have no idea where to look. Want to get a bright yellow striped one if there is one out there. ;)


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